The Stages

Stage One - The Science

We start with a focus on the science and technical side of photography. You'll learn camera operation including your auto, semi-auto, and full manual modes as well as fundamental information that will help you master your camera and gain an understanding of how your choices will impact the final image.

Topics covered in this stage:

  • Basic Camera Usage
  • Motion/Shutter Speed
  • DOF/Aperture/F-Stop
  • Sensitivity/ISO
  • Focus and Focusing Modes
  • Metering and Metering Modes
  • White Balance
  • The Exposure Triangle
  • Lenses
  • Care and Maintenance

Stage Two - The Art

Once you're comfortable and confident with using your camera, we move on to the artistic and creative side of photography. You will learn about concepts like composition, scene analysis, and other creative tools that will allow you to develop and realize and share your own artistic vision.

Topics covered in this stage:

  • Photo Analysis and Critique
  • Compositional Concepts
  • Perspective
  • Light and Shadow
  • Previsualization and Creative Intent
  • Post-Processing and Publishing

Stage Three - The Practical Application

Here we merge art and science and work on developing the skills and abilities that any competent photographer should have. You will learn the fundamentals of lighting and light modification, posing, basic portrait work, group shots, basic nature and landscape techniques, etc. so that you'll be prepared and capable of handling the typical tasks any photographer is expected to know how to do.

Topics covered in this stage:

  • Lighting and Modification (Using reflectors, speedlights, and studio strobes)
  • Posing (Individual and Group)
  • Portraits (Artistic and Professional)
  • Event/Vacation Photography
  • Nature Photography
  • Commercial/Product Photography